UnoDose Topical Dispenser

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Mix In Container


Great when needing to mix a 42ml or less single prescription!

This is the industry’s first metered-dose applicator that doubles as a compounding container. If using a mixing container, like an unguator jar, to mix a single 42ml or less prescription, UnoDose save you the cost of the mixing container, along with preparation time. These cost savings alone can result in a full return on investment.


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UnoDose Dispenser $2.99 ea (box of 25 for $74.75, 2 box minimum) FREE Shipping

Dose size: 0.25 milliters* per quarter turn (click) of dosing cap
Maximum usable volume: 42 milliliters
Residual volume: 1.5 milliliters
Dimensions: 4.23” x 1.87”
Medicament contacting materials: polyolefins free of phthalates and bisphenol A (BPA)
UV protection: UV-inhibiting materials used for the medicament container
Registered as an FDA Class I medical device
Patent pending




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