CleanBlock – Pen & Stylus Sanitizer and Cleaner



Sanitize & Clean Pens and Styluses With Ease!

MSRP $29.99 each
Your Cost $24.99 each (by the case)


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Protect Your Family, Friends, and Yourself from Germs and Viruses



*** No More “Clean Pens”/”Dirty Pens” Cups ***

*** No More Wiping Pens After Every Use ***

“Great Retail Product for Families (especially with school age children) and Healthcare Providers (physician office, dentist, hospital, etc.)”

What is the CleanBlock?

CleanBlock Pen & Stylus Sanitizer and Cleaner
Shared pens are a hot bed for spreading germs but they are rarely thought about or cleaned after people use them. The CleanBlock is an intuitive patented device that quickly and effectively sanitizes pens and styluses. The CleanBlock is a simple way to reduce the spread of illness and infection by reducing the spreading of germs.

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  • The CleanBlock is a patented device that simply & effortlessly sanitizes pens and styluses after someone has used them.
  • Users insert the pen in one side of the device and it is pulled through the other end.
  • The pen comes out clean, smelling great and DRY after every use.
  • “Clean Pen & Dirty Pens” cups are no longer needed

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Features & Benefits

  • Simply insert the pen in one side and pull through the other. No effort required.
  • 70% Ethanol solution kills 99.9% of germs, viruses, bacteria and fungi.
  • Mounts anywhere: Can be placed vertical on a wall or horizontal on a desk.
  • Dimensions: 4.5″x3.5″x2″
  • Long lasting: ~1,400 swipes per refill
  • Patent protected
  • Cost effective and cheaper than wipes
  • Aesthetically appealing
  • Plant based and non-toxic
  • Made in the USA
  • Refills available

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CleanBlock vs Other Options

The CleanBlock

● Inexpensive: less than $0.01 per use
● Save time: No staff effort required
● Safe: Plant based materials
● Aesthetically appealing
● Non-toxic & irritant free for


Your other options

● Expensive: $0.10+ per use
● Time consuming: wiping down pens after every use!!!
● Chemicals
● Eye-sore
● Leaves hands dry and cracked after handling wipes all day

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Also available is a cost effective CleanBlock Refill cartridge
so you can use your CleanBlock over and over again!


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