Mega Pump Information

High Quality, German Made, Consistent Reliability

RxCoop has one of the best airless pumps available on the market at discounts and case sizes to suite your pharmacy’s needs. Our Airless pumps have a distinctive upscale look and feel that sets your packaging apart from the rest. These pumps have 100% proven mechanical reliability and works with a wide range of viscosities. Their precise and consistent delivery of exact dosing with every pump combined with their ergonomically comfortable design, and self-sealing orifice for better product shelf life makes this the airless pump of choice.


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MegaPump products include:


Mezzo Pumps
Top Fill Pump
Available Sizes: 30ml, 50ml, 75ml, 100ml
Available Colors: Solid White, Clear
Dispenses 0.5ml per pump






Compact Round Pumps
Bottom Fill Pump
Available Sizes: 150ml, 200ml
Available Colors: Solid White, Transparent Blue
Dispenses 1.0ml, 1.5ml per pump








Compact Ovals
Bottom Fill Pump
Available Sizes: 75ml,100ml, 150ml
Available Colors: Solid White
Dispenses 1.0ml, 1.5ml per pump



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