What does it cost to be a member of RxCoop?
Our job at RxCoop is to ensure our members get the best quotes and bids possible on products. In order to fund our operation, we have a small annual membership fee of $499 with our money back guarantee.
Call us for more details at
(407) 622-5300.


Will my membership in RxCoop pay for itself?
That’s up to you. If you fully utilize RxCoop’s
benefits membership should more than pay for itself in both cost savings and time savings, we guarantee it!


What kind of guarantee do you have?
We are so confident that you will enjoy your membership benefits that RxCoop provides a money back guarantee. If, during the current membership year, you are unhappy with your membership and have not purchased any products from any participating suppliers based on our discounts, RxCoop will refund your current year’s membership fee 100%.


Am I required to purchase from any particular wholesaler?
No! This is one of the major differences between RxCoop and traditional buying groups.  You are free to choose which wholesalers you wish to purchase from and what pricing options you want to access.


Am I required to make all my purchases through RxCoop?
No, however your membership is only valuable if you use it. RxCoop’s ability to obtain pricing incentives for its members depends solely on members utilizing its services. This is the underlying power of any cooperative purchasing program.

How do I get started?
To get started, simply contact us at 407-622-5300 or email us at membership@rxcoop.com. We will be happy to answer any questions and get your membership started right away. It’s that easy!


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